Breast Lift

Breast Lift surgery ("mastopexy") is an operation designed to lift the breasts back to the youthful position enjoyed by the woman in earlier years.  This operation has a high level of patient satisfaction.

Breasts all fall; only some more so and quicker than others.  This can be the result of aging, pregnancy or even from having previously had breast implants, now removed.  The medical term describing a fallen or droopy breast is "ptosis".

More than one woman has described her own saggy breasts as "Snoopy boobs" or simply "a ball in a sock".

Plastic surgeons have developed several grading systems describing the amount of ptosis.  The one Dr. Baeke prefers is on a scale of 0-3 degrees (ptosis diagram).  A variant of this condition is called pseudo-ptosis (pseudo ptosis diagram).

As the grade or severity of ptosis increases, the operation becomes more meticulous, with some additional surgical scarring.  As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Baeke makes his reputation creating as inconspicuous a scar as possible.

Also, as breasts slowly fall, it is common for them to slowly lose volume (atrophy).  The two processes usually go together.

In the spectrum of all skin types, women with fair complexion (North Atlantic heritage and especially red heads) seem to have thinner skin, which do not tolerate well the weight of heavy breasts; while darker complected women seem better able to resist the effects of gravity. So genetics plays a role in developing breast ptosis.


If you think of the skin of the breast as the woman's "natural bra", a fallen or ptotic breast occurs when the woman's natural bra becomes stretched out of shape.  This is not much different than a B-cup woman wearing a D-cup bra.  The brassier is simply providing no support, and the breast just hangs.

That is precisely the condition with a woman suffering from ptosis.  Thus, operations to correct the fallen or ptotic breast must either make the breast fit the bra (implants), or the bra fit the breast (skin reduction).

Looking at the diagram, notice how as a breast develops more and more ptosis, there becomes less and less upper breast (upper pole) fullness.  1stº ptosis is nicely corrected by simply adding some volume to the breast, i.e. correction simply requires a breast augmentation.  If indeed the woman truly only has 1stº ptosis, Dr. Baeke would not recommend a conventional mastopexy operation as the small lift gained by a mastopexy does not justify the more significant scar.  Again, Dr. Baeke only recommends breast implants for correction of 1stº ptosis.

Correction of the higher degrees of ptosis usually require a resection of excess skin.  Remember the analogy of the B-cup woman wearing the D-cup bra.  To make that large bra fit, excess fabric from the bra must be removed.  Thus, the mastopexy operation removes some of the excess skin.  All of these operations involve an incision which will (at least) leave a scar going completely around the areola and often extend down the breast and horizontally curved along the the breast fold (similar to that described on this website for breast lift and reduction surgery).

Women with higher degrees of ptosis may only wish a lift (mastopexy) or they may desire a simultaneous increase or decrease in cup size.  Any increase would again require a small implant be placed at the same operation.

Some women with higher degrees of ptosis do not want the additional scars of a lift and only agree to breast implants.  Though that may not correct the ptosis, Dr. Baeke will do this, but realistic expectations are critical for the patient to be happy.

Mastopexy surgery typically takes 2 hours to perform.  The same operation with implants is a more technical procedure, taking about one hour longer.  Newer techniques are presently being perfected which utilize various buried skin substitutes, e.g. acellular dermal matrix (Alloderm®) which when implanted may act like an internal sling taking the weight of the implant off the lower breast, thus possibly decreasing recurrence of future ptosis.

Pseudo-ptosis, especially in cases where the a prior surgeon has lowered the IMF (point "x" in diagrams) can be corrected, but are a challenging problem.

All breasts (regardless of whether having previously had surgery) have a degree of asymmetry (i.e. right and left breasts are not mirror images).  Dr. Baeke will always attempt to even out any natural asymmetry.

As with other breast surgery, Dr. Baeke performs these procedures as an out-patient in the Surgery Center.  You should anticipate being sent back to your home or hotel that same day.  There is little discomfort associated with mastopexy surgery, especially if no implants are added.  You will be given prescriptions for this purpose.

Dr. Baeke's staff will instruct you as to a surgical bra to wear while healing. 

Expect a personal house call by either Dr. Baeke or his nurse, Mrs. Baeke the following day.

Complications following mastopexy are quite rare.  The most common would be minor bleeding, infection and delayed wound healing.  Dr. Baeke will know how best to treat any problem.  If the breast lift is combined with implants, than the same issues described in the breast augmentation section page would apply.  This operation should not result in any change of sensation to your breasts.

Q.  Will my insurance pay for a breast lift?  
  Highly unlikely.
Q.  If I have a mastopexy, will my breasts fall again?  
  It completely depends on how well you care for your "puppies".  If you have large breasts and prefer wearing fashionable attire without any bra support, then likely yes over time they will start to fall.  On the other hand, if you have smaller breasts and regularly wear a properly-fitting bra, then your investment should last a lifetime.

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Hear It From Our Clients

Dear Dr. Baeke & Staff:

I wanted to thank you all for allowing one of my dreams, of breast implants, to come true. Suzanne especially was not going to give up until I got them, and she didn't (smile). I was so nervous when I got to the office for surgery but everyone there made me feel so comfortable. Thanks again, I'll never forget you guys!

Love, E.D.

Breast Augementation

Dear Dr. Baeke & Suzanne:
Just wanted to drop you guys a note and thank you profusely for all you've done for me...for helping to implement the most amazing and profound change in my self-esteem-in my life! 


Breast Augmentation

Dear Dr. Baeke:
WOW! Thanks for giving me my voice and tastebuds back. You're a great doctor and an even better person. 

Thanks a million! M.G.


Dr. B, I wish I'd had this done 20 years ago.  They work as advertised.  These things are wonderful.


Breast Augmentation

Dr. Baeke,

I am wearing a size 6 now, not an 8, and I am still shrinking.



Dr Baeke is a true angel the most caring plastic/general surgeon I've ever met.



Dear Dr. Baeke:

I could not let another day go by without expressing my gratitude and appreciation for what you did for me. I felt as though you were indeed my "Guardian Angel", as you seemed to always "pop up" when I needed something.I shall always be indebted to you for saving my feet.I just wanted you to know how very grateful I am.

Sincerely, B.E.

Lower Extremity Reconstruction

Dr. Baeke:

I just wanted to thank you again for getting me in as quickly as you did to work on my nose. It looks good and feels great. Your staff is so polite and kind.

Thank you and God bless you all! R.G.

Nasal Reconstruction

Dear Dr. Baeke:

Thank you for meeting with me. Although I did not have anything done, I feel confident and beautiful because our meeting. I am now more appreciative of my body.

Thank you for your honesty and sincerity, R.D.

Breast Reduction

Dear Doctor John and Suzanne:

We love ya!. For once in my life, I am in love with my breasts!! (So is my husband). No time soon will I quit bragging about the doctor and his wonderful women in the office.

Love, T.M.

Breast Augmentation

Hi Dr Baeke!

Your skills, your integrity and just your amazing human compassion have been truly such a gift to me. I thank God for the day I found you. You and Suzanne have just absolutely been my guardian angels!

-S.L. (Phoenix, AZ)

XL Breast Augmentation

Dearest Dr. Baeke:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love my new assets. They’re wonderful. I even feel more confident.

Love, S.S.

Breast Augmentation
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