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Dr. Baeke refers to Suzanne as his "secret weapon". They have been a dynamic force in plastic surgery for nearly 25 years. Suzanne has a wide array of professional experiences which make her such an asset of the practice. She has practiced as a home health nurse, hospital floor nurse and emergency room director. Before she married Dr. Baeke, she was one of his patients having had breast as well as other elective surgery. When Suzanne came to work at Park Place, she wore many hats, including administrator, patient advocate, financial counselor, surgical scrub nurse, OR circulating nurse, post-anaesthesia nurse, clinic nurse and most importantly, wife to the doctor. Most patients of Dr. Baeke's will tell you Suzanne is the Park Place "house mom". Suzanne will tell you she is the boss. She knows first-hand what it is like to undergo every one of the procedures Dr. Baeke lists on this website.

She understands better than even Dr. Baeke what the recovery involves. She makes a point to develop a close relationship with each patient. The patients all know they can talk to Suzanne about anything before and after surgery.

Every attempt has been made for this patient-education website to be as thorough in its content as possible. However, should a question still arise, Just Ask Suzanne is your opportunity to get a personalized reply from either Suzanne or Dr. Baeke. You sending a message goes directly to her cell phone.

Just Ask Suzanne

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