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More correctly referred to as "gynecomastia", this is a condition which some estimates indicate the incidence worldwide is as high as 70%.

The condition is simply when a genetic male develops breast tissue on one or both sides in excess of what is considered normal.  What is most common is the situation where the large breast is composed of excess fat (lipodystrophy).  However, it can also be caused by development of dense fibrous glandular breast tissue.  Finally, some gynecomastia is not even noticeable, unless firm manual exam of the breast detects a lump or nodule.

The causes of this condition are multiple.  Of course, it frequently has a genetic component; however, obesity (even just being mildly overweight) accounts for a large % of gynecomastia.

Other external causes, such as certain medications, hormones and even marijuana are known causes.

Finally, though rare, no one should forget that men too can develop breast cancer.  A palpable (feelable) lump in the breast could represent a malignancy.  Thus, a plastic surgeon must always consider many different causes of gynecomastia.

Treatment is typically one of two surgical techniques.

Gynecomastia Surgery

If the gynecomastia is deemed to be mostly fat or adipose tissue, then mere liposuction may be recommended.  The problem with this procedure is, it often does not remove all of the fat, resulting in an improvement, but not 100% elimination.  Secondary touch up surgery may be needed.

The other option is surgical excision of the deeper breast tissue.  This is often the only option when the gynecomastia is composed of much fibrous and glandular tissue or when the surgeon needs to submit the specimen for pathologic examination.

Naturally, liposuction usually only involves 2 small incisions per breast, while surgical excision usually results in a larger scar on each breast.  The operation is performed as an outpatient, but under a general anaesthesia.

Any post-operative discomfort is managed with oral pain medications.  Bruising and swelling is transient and best managed by wearing a compression vest and undergoing a series of massage therapy sessions for Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

This is commonly considered an elective cosmetic procedure.  Insurance will only cover in cases when there is concern about the tissue being malignant or occasionally following large weight loss.

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Dear Dr. Baeke & Staff:

I wanted to thank you all for allowing one of my dreams, of breast implants, to come true. Suzanne especially was not going to give up until I got them, and she didn't (smile). I was so nervous when I got to the office for surgery but everyone there made me feel so comfortable. Thanks again, I'll never forget you guys!

Love, E.D.

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Dr. B, I wish I'd had this done 20 years ago.  They work as advertised.  These things are wonderful.


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Dr Baeke is a true angel the most caring plastic/general surgeon I've ever met.



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Just wanted to drop you guys a note and thank you profusely for all you've done for me...for helping to implement the most amazing and profound change in my self-esteem-in my life! 


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Dr. Baeke,

I am wearing a size 6 now, not an 8, and I am still shrinking.



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WOW! Thanks for giving me my voice and tastebuds back. You're a great doctor and an even better person. 

Thanks a million! M.G.


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I just wanted to thank you again for getting me in as quickly as you did to work on my nose. It looks good and feels great. Your staff is so polite and kind.

Thank you and God bless you all! R.G.

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Hi Dr Baeke!

Your skills, your integrity and just your amazing human compassion have been truly such a gift to me. I thank God for the day I found you. You and Suzanne have just absolutely been my guardian angels!

-S.L. (Phoenix, AZ)

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love my new assets. They’re wonderful. I even feel more confident.

Love, S.S.

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Thank you for meeting with me. Although I did not have anything done, I feel confident and beautiful because our meeting. I am now more appreciative of my body.

Thank you for your honesty and sincerity, R.D.

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I could not let another day go by without expressing my gratitude and appreciation for what you did for me. I felt as though you were indeed my "Guardian Angel", as you seemed to always "pop up" when I needed something.I shall always be indebted to you for saving my feet.I just wanted you to know how very grateful I am.

Sincerely, B.E.

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We love ya!. For once in my life, I am in love with my breasts!! (So is my husband). No time soon will I quit bragging about the doctor and his wonderful women in the office.

Love, T.M.

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